Performs April 23rd - 26th
Thursday and Friday at 8pm
Saturdy and Sunday at 5pm
Back doors of PW

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The Show, The Cast, The Original Text
The Working Script, The Rehearsal Schedule

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Rehearsal Reports, Games
Rehearsal Photos, Rehearsal Video

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Nick, Olivia, Emily, Mat, Harry, Jen, Kevin, Quyen, Hannah, Arik


Monday (6-10pm): Witches and Macbeth called, Lady Macbeth later on--ensemble work with the Witches; Hannah will work with Macbeth; when Olivia arrives at 8:30, Lady Macbeth can join him

Tuesday (8:30-11pm): All called--work together

Wednesday (7-11pm): Witches and Macbeth called--ensemble work with the Witches; Hannah will work with Macbeth

Thursday (6:30-10pm): Macbeth and Lady Macbeth called--will work for a few hours and go to Swing; witches are NOT called

Friday(6-10pm): All called--work together

Saturday: No rehearsal

Sunday (2-5pm): All called--work together

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