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Thursday and Friday at 8pm
Saturdy and Sunday at 5pm
Back doors of PW

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April 15th and 16th, 2009

Rehearsal Notes: April 15

I apologize for any cuts I failed to include (or over included) in this. Come see me with any questions…
• Pg. 42 Macbeth cut, “…And that which should accompany old age…would fain deny, and dare not.” And “Give me my armour”
• Pg. 43 Macbeth cut, “Come, put mine armour on; give me my staff…what rhubarb, dyme, or what purgative drug…”
• Pg. 43 Doctor cut, “Ay, my good lord; your royal preparation…”
• Pg. 43 Macbeth cut, “Bring it after me…”
• Pg. 43 Doctor cut, “Were I from Dunsinane…draw me here”
• Pg. 44 @ Malcolm’s line, “The wood of Birnam,” all witches pull out your swords and vanish; Jen comes in with sword…swords revealed from bushes???
• Pg. 44 Macbeth, “Hang out our banners…” to be said as walking in stage left
• Pg. 44 doctor cut, “It is the cry of women, my good lord”
• Pg. 45 Macbeth cut, “If this which he avouches…estate o’ the world were not undone”
• Pg. 47 soldier cut, “This way, my lord…sir, the castle” and Malcolm’s line placed within is cut too
• Pg 49 ending Jen and Quyen switch places

Rehearsal Notes: April 16

Preset 5 swords in the bush
1 sword in pit
2 daggers in “little cage”

crown, etc…still unknown presetting…

Note: next rehearsal 10:30 Saturday April 17th
Costumes should be here Monday!

Great work everybody and remember to wish Carolyn a very happy birthday!


April 14th, 2009

Dear All,

Thanks for a great rehearsal today, and for making great use of the dumpster. I'm going to call Facilities Management in the morning to see about gettinga half-size dumpster for the space.

As far as scene work goes, here are the notes I have:

· Run through Thursday starts at 9, but rehearsal starts at 6:30 (no scripts, but can call for line)

· On Saturday, can’t call for line

· 1-1

o Sequenced hair toss—move whole body, on “hover”

o Tag at beginning à Schmaux

o Jen shouldn’t be able to catch anyone

· 1-2

o If have dumpster, Mat should pop head out

o Yay for revealing!

o Mat has good stride

o All witches gather for revealing

o Quyen pulls off è all giggle

o Jen kisses

o “that’s weird”-Mat

o Put in bush

· 1-3

o Macbeth and Banquo come in from behind stage, say lines there

o Woah! Killing swine chunk is cut!

· 2-2

o All will be Olivia

o Cut Nick’s “Who’s there? What ho!” p. 16

o Nick’s lines = one giant monologue

o In come the witches à Shmoo1 Version 2.0 (expanded to other areas of the body, yelp replaces laughter)

o When Nick enters, all say “My husband” and act like Olivia à Nick confused

o Use as many strategies as you can

o Think of expand-contract

o Nick hears everything

o Witches can do ANYTHING—don’t have to make sense, just distract him

o Can’t stay in same place for more than three seconds

o When notice daggers, witches disappear?

o Witches hold position, Nick goes to one who says lines (can’t actually hear anything Lady Macbeth says)

o Can’t hear Olivia, but can hear Lady Macbeth

o Witches can torture-play with Macbeth

o “Oh! Hung drawn and quartered!”—Emma

o Can say witch lines, but use lines from text

o Jen is here!

o Macbeth—run!

o Mat is now Officer Pat

o Macbeth take time to interact with witches

o Pay attention to who is speaking

o Knocking = laughing

o Really awesome dumpster noise


o No place for bloody making out

Let me know if any of these notes are unclear. I don't have anything from after I had to leave, so you'll have to ask Arik for that. Remember that tomorrow we will be in the space from 7 to 11 working Acts 4 and 5.



April 13th, 2009

Dear All,

What an interesting day we had! I've written the the Scheduling Office, so we'll see about future rehearsals. Though it might not be too much of an issue. We'll be working through acts 1, 2, and 3 tomorrow, and acts 4 and 5 on Wednesday. We will be meeting in the space on Tuesday through Thursday. Bring warm clothing! On Thursday we will be running the entire show (witches, remember: you ARE called) from 6:30 to 10:30. We might end up working things and then running the show at nine. Saturday at 10:30 am we will run the show again in the space. Is anyone intersted in having breakfast beforehand? Then, we have next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (where we will be runing the show in the space) and then it's the show!!!!

And now, without further ado, here are the rehearsal notes:

Rehearsal Notes 4.13

Warm ups

· Yoga

· Three Steps

Midnight show—Friday at Lincoln Field; can leave and come back

Rehearsals on spring weekend—Saturday 10:30-12

The Banquet Scene

· When Banquo enters, keep going with Nick

· Harry touch Nick, move to platform à Nick can’t move, vocalize words (saying lines in head)

· Harry enter around “my royal lord” top of page 30

Poof! We’re in Barbour Lounge. Here’s where I miss some stuff sending an email to the Scheduling office, but it looks cool out of the corner of my eye.

Back to the Banquet Scene

· Faster à quick shake down

· Jen bracing Nick’s back

· Youth!

· Nick—struggle from the inside

· Nick barks (for now)

· Emma and Mat exit

· M&M remember to exit stage left

· Quyen and Jen stay, guard Harry

· Everyone find a point to restrain Nick à try to run at Olivia

· “Mat, I’m sorry, you didn’t just rub my nipple, you engulfed it…I have a nipple thing”-Nick

· Channel all your aggression!

· Amazing barking laughing! à “I cannot wait to see that when both of you are in leather”

Witching Hour

· They’re conferring!

· Enter Kevin, fighting!

· Shmoo (not Schmoo): they know, but we don’t à Mat tries to play

· Mat = mama witch

· Mat can intervene in disciplinary manor à “Don’t take that tone with me! I’ll throw you back in the cauldron!!”-Mat

· Crying à sudden duck and cover = MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!!

· “Just sadistic bitches. It’s great!”-Jen

· Quyen is out; Mat, Jen and Emma create game

· In the show, sudden switch into evil mode?

· Schmaux (pronounced shmootoo): hand clapping, Quyen tries to intervene

· Emma’s a bitch witch

· Back into Shmoo à “Your forehead’s mine!”—Emma

· Mat tries to convince to play Schmaux

· “Traitor, traitor, traitor, pants on fire!”-Emma

· Go back and forth between

· Quyen complains to Mat

· So, it appears that Quyen is the youngest witch

· We’ve moved on to Shmoo3, only Mat doesn’t know it

· Schmoo4 involves finding out Carolyn is ticklish

Should we do a speed through?

Nick is playing Shmoo1 with dagger speech

· Include reacting in monologue


· Act 1, Scene 1

o Come together as three person statue of desire

o Have very drastic change to seduction

o Playing little children, aren’t actually little children

o Playing Schmaux

o Start playing schamux and then Quyen enters

o Spontaneously find positions

o Find mutually dependent positions

o Quickly do it in pairs

o Back to groups of three

ARIK—talk to Dan Byers (sp?) about filming; what do you want to do about daggers?

Thanks for working so hard. Sorry for all the difficulties. See you tomorrow!


April 12th, 2009

Hey Everybody,

GREAT JOB today in the space, despite the weather…one day closer to a fabulous performance of The Scottish Play!

Thanks again to Arik for the Amazing Meal!

Note any missed lines below or those you personally have issues with…
Rehearsal April 12
• Warmup
• Pg. 3 Quyen cut out lines right after scene II
• Quyen: remember, “became him like the leaving it”
• Duncan: pg. 9 “My worthy Cawdor” is cut!
• Lady Macbeth pg. 10 “That I may pour my spirits in my ear,” remember, “doth seem to have me crown’d withal”
• Pg. 13 Macbeth, “Hath he ask’d for me?” and Lady Macbeth, “Know you not he has?” lines have been cut
• Pg. 15 Banquo, “…Merciful powers…” & “Thanks, sir: the like to you!”
• Pg. 16 Macbeth, “…I see thee yet…” aside from what is not already off book
• Pg. 18 Macbeth, remember, “…The death of each day’s life…”
• Pg. 19 Porter, Scene III, review beginning
• Pg. 22 Lady Macbeth, …”Speak, speak…”
• Pg. 27 Macbeth, “Surrah…safely thus” cut
• Pg. 30 Macbeth should be on stage left stairs

Arik’s Notes:
• Witches: stay on stage, except Mathew & Quyen
• Jen, after blood sergeant, move to little woody place
• We’ll need to find stuff for the witches to do in their little home (little girl activities, i.e. chalk, witch voodoo, crossing people off the wall w/ chalk when they die; Mathew’s execution toys, Duncan likes to play hangman!)
• After Mathew’s reveal, go to bush
• Harry and nick, “…faraday…” see the witches
• Act 1 scene 3…witches play with your hair (with or without witch voices)
• Harry go upstage for I pray to have a word with you
• Nick staying in down right corner (for some lines) think one continuous thought
• Mathew and Quyen, mother and daughter witches interaction
• Olivia, your letter can be cut and the little thing thereafter
• Mathew & Jen w/ leg push thing…that will happen…
• Pg. 9 Act I, scene V Quyen linger and then reside to push
• Act I, Scene VII, stuff should be further upstage if stuff is moved downstage…we’ll figure it out
• Act II, Scene I…Harry and Fleance walking in on M&M making out
• The dagger speech, we’ll add some witches
• Act II, Scene II…there will be a lot of Lady Macbeths…and then vanishing into their little spots

Note: No rehearsal on Friday of Spring Weekend; Sunday’s rehearsal moved to possibly
There is also the possibility of a Midnight performance, Saturday 12 am?

Call time: 2-hour (depending on how much sword fighting you’re doing, etc.)
Rehearsal tomorrow:
When: April 13, 2009 @ 6-10 pm
Where: Crystal Room: near staircase of Alumni hall
6-6:30: warmups BE ON TIME!
6:30-8: banquet scene, coronation murder scene
8-9: call for Mathew!
8-10: witches will be present all 3 girls

Once again, great work and see you tomorrow!