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March 31st, 2009

Dear All,

Sorry I had to miss most of tonight's rehearsal, but it looked like everyone was having fun when I got there. We worked on fight choreography, and everyone is supposed to remember the six important safety techniques: distance, arm points, simultaneous movements, signaling, direction of energy, and practice. Everyone's fencing looked really good. We'll be practicing again on Sunday, so come prepared then.

Tomorrow, rehearsal will start at 7 at Barus and Holley 153. We'll be warming up from 7-7:30. All of the witches will be called from 7:30 to 9:30 to work on their characters and Scenes 3-3 and 1-4. During that time, Nick will work with Hannah on monologues of his choosing. Nick, if you could let Hannah know the monologues you want so she has time to prepare, that would be great. At 9:30, Macbeth and Banquo should be free to go as we move to scene 1-2. At 10, Mat should be able to leave as the three girl witches focus on scenes 1-1 and 1-3.

In the more distant future, Thursday we will work on scenes 2-2 and 3-2. Friday will be scenes 2-3 and 3-4, and 4-2 and 1-6 if we have time.

As always, email me with any questions.


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