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March 30th, 2009

Hey Everyone!

Welcome back from Spring Break. I hope everyone had a nice week. Tomorrow's rehearsal will be in List 110 at 8:30. We will be doing fight choreography, so try to come warmed up. Scripts will not be needed. Those who didn't receive the revised scripts will get it then.

Today's rehearsal started with warm-ups: Run Into the Circle, Walk in a Circle, and People Standing Still. We talked about soft focus, keeping the whole room in your line of vision. They we moved on to viewpoints, working with tempo. Everyone picked an action and did it at different speeds. The next exercise was text and response, where the witches moved Nick as he read the dagger monologue. The witches gained objectives: Jen wanted to help Nick, Harry wanted to kill him, Emma wanted to keep him symmetrical, and Quyen was trying to sleep with him (later changed to keeping him asymmetrical). We then moved on to Expand and Contract. Quyen responded to the words lightning and thunder. Emma responded to the line "Be lion-mettled...where conspires are," (Special moment: Nick's mad cackle). Finally, Nick responded to the line "Double, double...cauldron bubble". We then started staging Act IV, Scene I, where Macbeth was physically restrained as he tried to crawl towards the witches. After reviewing Act I, Scene V with Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, we moved on to the animal game. Here are the objectives that made the scene:

* Olivia = pregnant lioness, wants to inform Nick of her pregnancy; the scarf will make her queen
* Nick = lion, wants to start a romantic relationship with the panther; the scarf will make him king
* Emma = paranoid monkey; the scarf will make her queen
* Jen = blind hyena; the scarf will restore her sight
* Harry = altruistic snake, wants to help the hyena restore her sight by getting the scarf
* Quyen = panther, guardian of the scarf

You all know what happened. After that, we finished with a game of Three Steps In Three Steps Out and a sound symphony (themes = cannibalism, earth).

I was kind of torn for the quote of the day. My top choices were "I want your lips on my lips in my mouth down my throat," --Harry and "If people want to convene cast-party style. My apartment. Any time," --Nick. Let me know what you think and have a great day!

See you tomorrow,

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