Performs April 23rd - 26th
Thursday and Friday at 8pm
Saturdy and Sunday at 5pm
Back doors of PW

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Hey Cast! Please leave a comment with some of your favorite games/exercises that we've done. Please make note of if it was just fun, or if you found it useful in some way. How was it fun or useful?
Some things we've done:
Sound and Motion (Creature/Monster) - also adding text
Big Booty (McDuffy)
Animal Environments (the Jungle/Kelp Forest, the Farm)
Three Chair Track (with the vocab of sit, walk, turn around, raise hand)
Impulse (letting the physical impulse guide you)
Energy Transfer (a point of energy guides you and then someone else takes it from you)
Three Steps

I made up the names to half of those... if you have alternate names, feel free to share those! I'm also sure I'm forgetting some.


  1. I would say my favorites have been 3 Steps and Vampire.

    3 Steps was cool because I didn't realize before how powerful peripheral vision is. Being able to connect and move together without traditional communicative techniques was also pretty cool.

    I like Vampire because it gives me a chance to employ my honed ninja stealth techniques.

  2. Macduffy is really special because it feels tailored to our ensemble.

  3. Vampire scares me, which makes it fun...but I often end up hoarse I'm not sure where I stand on that game.
    I LOVE the animal environments game. I think it's helpful, too- it lets us think about objectives and character without language.