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Back doors of PW

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Pembroke Field House???

How'd we get hooked up with THAT location? I didn't even know Pembroke Field had a house. I love how when I lived on Pembroke for two years, all my rehearsals were down this way (Andrews to PW in the middle of the night...that walk was killer), and now that I live right next to the space, rehearsal's down half of Providence away.

Does the SOTG board conspire against me when I'm not around? It's ok, you can tell me. It's an anti-Nick extravaganza.


  1. suhweet.... i live on pembroke.

    did freshman Nick never think of utilizing Saferide? :p

  2. We're only there this Monday and the next Monday I believe... the search for large open spaces leads us to far away lands! or close if you're Quyen.

  3. Ditto, Quyen! Except that I will be in Sayles until 8:30...pah. At least chorus isn't in Steinert this week like it usually is.