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Oh...oh, hello. I didn't see you there. *puts down book in grandfatherly fashion and looks at the cast*.

I'm Kevin, the fight choreographer. I hope you're all having a lovely break. I wanted to let you know that I've now confirmed we're going to be working with fencing sabers for our weapons. Now, if you are familiar with these weapons, you might think to yourself "But Macbeth is about brutality! Strength! Vicious combat! Such flimsy weapons of the Renaissance Dandy could never do!"

...*This is where you either say "Yes! I was thinking that!" or "I was not familiar with them! But tell me more!". I'll give you a minute to do so*

Well, you would be correct. I'm spending part of break coming up with an unusual bastardization of traditional rapier technique that will make the fighting far more Macbeth-like. So be prepared for something a little weird. From when I talked to Arik, it sounds like we're going to start weapons training the moment we get back from break, which I'm most looking forward to!

So anyway, *shuffles feet awkwardly* that's me. If you have any ideas about fight scenes, or have things you want to communicate about your character through the battle, let me know. Also, if you have any questions about safety, technique, what we'll be doing, or how to break a man's neck in one smooth motion, I can also answer all of those.


  1. On Tuesday, they're all yours. :)

  2. Any way to decapitate a man onstage?

  3. YES! I've always done foil myself, and have been given pitying looks by those who have mastered sabers. So now I finally get to see the oft-considered-superior style. that I think about it, I'm not sure if I'm going to get to fight. :(

  4. we're all going to learn the basic stuff. I'm not sure if Lady M will fight...probably not...but maybe?

  5. Alas, no way to decapitate a man onstage, unless Andrew Evans can pull some crazy shit. The decap will have to happen "post mortem" as it were.

  6. Not even if I volunteer my head?