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Sadistic witches and stuff


yep, overdue.
So I meant to post this after our last rehearsal (which was a pretty long time ago..) but then typing with a broken keyboard is incredibly difficult... (so fyi, my keyboard is messed up cuz i spilled OJ on it.. and it's all because of the technological curse)

Anyhow, being on the cast of Macbeth has given me the irreplaceable opportunity of uncovering the sadistic side of myself i never knew...

to set up some context, the rehearsal activity entailed 4 witches circling around one individual and repeating lines from the play (and altering the way we say the lines) as the individual in the middle expands and contracts his/her limbs. What I got from it was something like the witches outside casting spells that pulled the person apart and the contractions were attempts to escape the witches' sorcery..

So just a word to all the folks out there--
if you ever wondered how much fun it is to circle around an individual and torment him/her, well, let me tell you.. it's pretty fun.

oh, and if you're curious what exactly this "sadism" looks like, here ya go:

it's kinda like the creepier, more evil version of Nelson from the Simpsons...

(Ha ha! you're shriveling in pain..)

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