Performs April 23rd - 26th
Thursday and Friday at 8pm
Saturdy and Sunday at 5pm
Back doors of PW

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Ha, ditto on the knee bruises Mat. Sorry I had to slip out early last night everyone! I thought that was a great rehearsal- especially that last piece we all did together. It suddenly dawned on me that the opening scene is probably going to be fantastically creepy. As for games, I've been a big fan of sound and motion, and think that using words instead of sounds worked out really well (Emma's whispering was stellar, by the way, and really did a good job of showing that getting progressively more quiet can be as striking as getting progressively louder). Vampire and Big Booty ...or should I say, MacDuffy... are always a blast. Once I get coordinated enough I'd like to bust out Mat's crazy dance moves in the middle of it. Hope everyone has a fabulous break wherever you're headed!

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