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March 16th, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day! It is past midnight, so I can say that.

First off, a reminder that tomorrow's rehearsal will start at 8 in List 110. I can't come until later, and Hannah and Arik might be a little late as they have class right before, so when you get there just start warming up. Remember to bring the lines you memorized from the scenes in Act I. Witches, you are responsible for memorizing two lines from scenes 2, 3, 4, and 6. Macbeth, two lines from scenes 3-7, excluding 6. Lady Macbeth, three lines from scenes 5 to 7.

Today was another exciting day of movement and games. It was honestly amazing to watch. The first game was monster, followed by Three Steps In, Three Steps Out. Today we started working with our inner animals, which brings me to a special moment: Harry's snipping. (By the way, if you can think of a better name for these moments than just "special moments" feel free to suggest it to me). We then divided into groups to work on the Chair game, which involved another special moment: Mat's hand movement at the end of the sequence involving animals. We then worked on emphasizing different centers of the body, and followed that exercise by the one I have dubbed AAEZ: Animals in an Ambiguous Ecological Zone. I don't know if our "forest" really fit any realistic environmental description.

Then we moved on to the Barnyard scene. The first time, each person acted out a different animal, responding to text as it was read allowed. The second time was even cooler, involving a Nazi turtle and a pig-obsessed worm. Each person was assigned an animal and an objective and the scene that ensued was hilarious, and sometimes sad. Kudos to everyone. Special moment: Harry, as a porcupine, stabbing Jen with his spikes by purposefully falling on top of her. My favorite quote of the day came during the discussion, when Nick said, "It must be murder, being a suicidal earthworm."

We finished up the day with the Word Circle. The words used today were: screw, filthy, tyrant, murdering, man, secret, and tap. Hope those help.

Thanks so much for another great reherasal and see you tomorrow!


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