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Witch Fun

I remembered the other day that last semester when the chorus did Dido and Aeneas, I looked up some of the witch's scenes on youtube and found this gem:

For those of you who don't know the opera, the sorceress explains her plan to destroy Dido and Aeneas's love and then her witches do a dance and two have a duet. But a "technopera" and so instead of a little orchestra bit we have modern dance and crazy lights and costumes. Sometimes the way they move is interesting...but a lot of the time it's just hilarious. I thought you all might be amused by witchy interpretations from a different show. If you have time, look at the Sorceress sing(, which is also funny because they're trying desperately to mix techno backgrounds with classical singing.

There comes a point in all productions when I start thinking up ridiculous hair and makeup for my character. It's inevitable. And then a couple days later I realise how weird the ideas are. So the other day I was watching Elizabeth (for the umpteenth time) and playing far too much Rock Band with my sisters, and so I started thinking about pure white makeup with a lot of emphasis on the eyes and a large mass of dreadlocks. Don't worry, Arik, you won't have to talk me out of it, I'm fully aware how silly it sounds now. But I am curious- do you have any ideas concerning costumes and the like, yet? (I know there was a mention of silver spandex for witches at the very beginning)


  1. She goes white in the face, I go white in the face

  2. I love the video! As someone who limited tolerance of traditional opera, I'm delighted to see it turned on its head. Those witches have some serious att-i-tude.

  3. still in the process of finding a costumes designer...