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Mat Without the Second T

Mat, I was wrong saying Mat McBriar was Scandinavian. In fact, I was off by most of the world. He's from Australia. They must put something in the water down there in Australia because they can uniformly kick ass with their kicking foots. Is the solitary T thing a family name, or do you just like being a shade different? HAVE to be so unique, don't you???

No one see the movie Duplicity that's in theaters right now. It stars the two red hot movie stars from that youtube scene I posted the other day (Clive and Julia), yet someone forgot to tell them they were supposed to be sexually electric together this time around. I don't go to Clive Owen/Julia Roberts movies to see them be coy, alright!! I want some sex, for the love of God!

I'm also sick and tired of hearing about LeAnn Rimes (whoever the hell she is) cheating on her damn husband. It's on every station and every magazine, and I hear about it every hour!! Can someone tell me who this woman is and why her illicit sex is something that warrants national attention? Even my mom (a fucking fifty-five year old lawyer) couldn't stop talking about it. Sick consumer culture we live in.

Spring break is weak. It's actually dull enough that I'm noticing as I type this that "break" and "weak" look the same but are pronounced differently. That pisses me off. Yesterday, Aubs and I spent like twenty minutes lamenting how the spelling of the word "one" makes no sense. What a bogus language; Shakespeare should have picked a more intelligible tongue. 

Haha. Yeah, fuck spring break. All things being equal, I'd rather be in Providence.

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