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Mat's Posts/Late-night Rants

March 18th, 1:39 AM (Brazilian Time)

Yayyy...blogging. whooopie. Now everyone on the world-wide-interweb can know how much this lab report sucks. and my knees are still KILLING me from the farm bit in rehearsal yesterday.


  1. Yeah, I'm definitely feeling the knee pain, and in spite of that typing this on my knees.

  2. Why in God's name are you awake at five to five in the morning? Did you just murder a king or something?

  3. Studying for a midterm, which I unfortunately did not murder.

  4. Mat, my contacts in the illustrious Classics department deny the gyn stem giving us the word queen. I backed you up, saying I had it on a source who seemed reliable. We must discuss after break; I'm interested now.

  5. Tell them to ask Professor David Konstan, of aforementioned "Classics Department". And gyn doesn't lead to queen, but they both come from the same Indo-European root.