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March 17 2009
Hey everyone. Here some things I noticed in rehearsal today.
-Nick/Olivia balboa with everyone else doubling up and dancing around-possible opening? banquet scene?
-competition developing between Nick and Mat in Big Booty- pretty
intense, guys; Mat needs to channel that shit into the play, and Nick thrives off of competition (don't pretend to deny it).
-McDuffy= Blood, Heath, Wounds, Drunk, Choke, Betray- I liked the
moment at the end when the pace was sped up by Nick.
-hilariously wonderful spoon party and mocking loveliness

Cool word combos I was playing with/ noticed:
-Cling together and choke
-doubtful swimmers
-choking the words
-cling to the art of wounds
-heath blood


  1. First of all, I adore Salvador Dali. So thank you for putting up that picture- I had a huge phase of drawing Dali-esque zebras on EVERYTHING.
    But back to the play...
    It's interesting that since only God can break nature's laws, then all things considered "unnatural" (Witches) are actually more "natural" than God himself. Yes, they press the limits of nature, but if they never break them, then they are no more "wrong" than artists, who use what is in nature to amaze and create the extraordinary.

  2. Yes, I like that notion too. Witches, like artists, create illusion, fooling the eye to believe something unreal is actually there. Witches and artists appear as if they have God's power to create realities, but really they just trick the viewer.