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I see all the cast members are really knocking down the doors of this blog with their posts. I can see how important this show and this ensemble is to some of us. Maybe we need snappier headlines...

Alright, try this on for size. As a number of you know, I live in an apartment with my lovely girlfriend Aubrey over yonder in the PW vicinity. It's a nice large place that's real good for having people over (everyone seems to want to meet at our place since we moved in...), and the two of us were thinking why not have the cast come over to hang out some day -- like a Saturday or something when we're not drained from rehearsal.

We're on the second floor of a most-shittily insulated building, so I think loud music/dance party type of thing would not be welcomed by my downstairs neighbors. To say nothing about the fact that I hate those kinds of parties anyway, and even more when they're at my place so I can't leave when I want. If, however, people want to meet in a slightly quieter and more relaxed capacity (I don't use "chill" as an adjective on general principle, but you get the idea), then I think it'd be a cool place to go.

Of course, since Aubrey's not in the cast, this wouldn't be cast exclusive, but, as close to you all as I do feel, I'm not prepared to excommunicate my lady for you...

Not that any of us ever comment on posts, but what do people think of this idea?


  1. i think it sounds lovely! i will bring desserts. pie perhaps.