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Saturdy and Sunday at 5pm
Back doors of PW

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Official Spring Break Post

Life at the homestead has been pretty relaxing. The five main elements of my stay have been my quantum physics book, reading the script, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, eating, sleeping, and a book on libertarianism.

Oh yeah, I wrote this sweet riff on guitar yesterday.

I'm happy with the role assignments. This gives me my chance to reclaim my role in 6th grade as the heroic slayer of Macbeth, hopefully with a thrilling fight sequence. Or, more accurately, my role as a witch as Macduff.

Albums I have listened to so far this break:
"Amnesiac" - Radiohead
"The Red Album" - Baroness
"The Always Open Mouth" - Fear Before The Of Flames
"Law" - Cougar
"Kezia" - Protest The Hero
"Leviathan" - Mastodon
"Panopticon" - Isis
"Music Has The Right To Children" - Boards Of Canada
"A Celebration Of Guilt" - Arsis
"Void" - Intronaut
"Sol Eye Sea I" - Irepress
"Panopticon" - Isis

I had a dream it was Pain Day at Brown. Everyone was beating on a guy who crashed his bicycle after careening down the steps of a larger Barus & Holley 166. I only mention it because Mat joined in on the beatdown.

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