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"and his son and his son and his sooo-on"

If any of you were curious about the Shakespeare Retold version of Macbeth, if only to see three garbagemen as the witches, here's a clip:

The witches don't arrive until around 7:45 (sorry I couldn't find a more specific clip), so you might want to skip to there. Or watch some unnecessary footage of James McAvoy in no shirt and leather pants, Malcolm with a girly hairdo, the cutting open of a pig's head, and Macbeth kissing Banquo (which, while very amusing, I never could understand).
And you definitely can't get it from this clip, but McAvoy does eventually make for a convincing Macbeth. It's actually kind of scary. So there.


  1. McAvoy is such a flake. I usually try to give actors the benefit of the doubt, but I can't ever grab onto his performances. Actors criticizing other actors is a tricky business, yeah. But for some reason i can't sit back and enjoy a performance by this little twirp.

    By the way, Olivia, my mom spent the day with the Schoenfeld sisters today (my aunts/cousins), and Marcie wants to come to Providence for the play -- partly for me, but to hear my mom tell it she was really digging the idea of seeing you, because apparently she heard about you through the grapevine down in Greenwich, and you gained a reputation among teachers for your dramatic skills. Greenwich high's Hepburn or Streep. I didn't realize you were such hot shit theatrically back home.

  2. I would hardly call scenes of James McAvoy without a shirt unnecessary. In fact, I would qualify them as mandatory, if I could.

  3. I will never understand your taste in actors, Emily. And since I've acted for you, I'm not sure where that leaves me...