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Ensemble Acting at its Finest

I felt the urge to post this when I saw it on youtube for two reasons. Because it reminds me of the lady macbeth/macbeth dynamic somewhat, in the way they threaten each other and push each other away. Second, because the movie this is from, CLOSER (based on a play), is one of the best examples of ensemble acting in recent years. We should watch a movie like it together, come to think of it, to observe great actors playing off of each other.

Ok, Natalie Portman is not a great actor, but she fits her role in the movie fine. Meanwhile, she's not in this scene -- it's Julia Roberts and Clive Owen going straight at each other with sexual threats and taunts. NOTE ** the language is extremely, unbelievably vulgar. It all serves a purpose, but if the words "whore," "fuck," "bitch," "cum" and "suck" aren't your cup of tea, don't watch the scene. I'm sure there's even worse words I'm not recalling...


    Wonderful- being a caveman explains everyone's motives for everything. But would Macbeth ever admit that?
    I think "fucked up slag" is a fantastic description of Lady Macbeth.

  2. I think if Lady Macbeth admitted to sex with Macbeth's enemy, Macbeth would want to know all the sordid details...especially how the other guy compared with him. And I think Lady Macbeth would pretend to be apologetic but would actually be turned on by the whole thing, like Julia Roberts' character here. I think that dialogue is spot on.