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April 7th, 2009

Dear Everyone,

Remember that there is fight choreography tomorrow w/ Kevin.

Stretching: as through you are indicating a sport (i.e. quidditch, basketball, tennis…)
Circle time:

Any changes made last night (forgive me if I missed something)…

Pg. 5 @ the Exeunt, Emma sneaks back in (if you didn’t know already)

Pg. 8 after all hail all witches creep down

Pg. 8 @ witches vanish, vanish into “places” (homes)

Pg 9 Lady Macduff, note the cut “…and when he reads thy personal…should be thine or his”

Pg. 10 Emma is staying chillin downstage left

Pg. 12 @ the Exeunt, exit stage left into pit…Emma goes all witchy?

Pg. 14 @ the Exeunt Macbeth runs home via stairs, landing (bedroom, platform) running...jump back down and back off stage; Duncan is walking;

Pg. 14 Quyen opens door for Lady Macbeth

Pg. 16 Quyen (witch) turn Lady Macbeth to notice Macbeth

Pg. 16 M&M embrace each other (but Lady Macbeth remember to start farther upstage first)

Pg. 17 Lady Macbeth, might not be exiting????

Pg. 17 enter Duncan, Malcolm, Banquo, and Lady Macduff are walking from down center

Pg. 18 Macbeth enter through doors

Pg. 21 M&M exit together stage left

Pg. 23 Banquo and Fleance exit down right

Pg. 27 for a knocking within, Porter begins later joined by Emma, Matt and Quyen through page 29

Pg. 36 Quyen having a miniature moment (you apparently know more what that means than do I)

Pg. 39 all witches crown Macbeth

Pg. 49 all witches killing Banquo, still needs to be choreographed

Pg. 52 Macbeth’s lines are cut from “Here had we now our country’s…to grace us with your royal company”

Pg. 56 Macbeth’s lines are cut from “Stones have been shown to more and trees…man of blood,” and cut from “All causes shall give way…which must be acted ere they may be scann’d”

Pg. 63 first witch, note the pronunciation of the word, “Gibbet”

Pg. 82 Malcolm and Macduff’s lines are cut from (Malcolm) “Be comforted: Let’s make us medicines…” until “Fell slaughter on their souls. Heaven rest them now!” (Macduff)

Pg. 90 Macbeth cut for “Pull’t off, I say” I believe

Pg. 91 doctor line cut “Were I from Dunsinane…draw me here”

Pg. 92 Macbeth cut “here let them lie…and beat them backward home”

Pg. 96 Macduff cut “If thou be’st slain…will haunt me still”

Pg. 97 lines of Soldier and Malcolm are cut

Pg. 100 all witches stay Malcolm’s last lines, except the last two left for Quyen

As Carolyn has noted prior, please take note of the changes, even if they are not your own lines. And remember....

WE'RE OFF BOOK ON FRIDAY! If you have any questions please come talk to me.


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