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April 2nd, 2009

Dear All,

Tomorrow's rehearsal will be in List 110. Nick and Olivia should come at 5:45 to review swing. Sorry about the delay in getting the room number to you. We will be focusing on Act II Scene III and Act III Scene IV, as well as Act IV Scene II and Act I Scene VI if we have time.

Today it was Macbeth's and Lady Macbeth's turn to party. We focused mostly on Act II Scene II, going through the scene in a variety of ways. First both actors had to stay as far away from each other as possible, then as close to each other as possible, then switching back and forth. They read the scene cuddling on the ground and sitting back to back. We did some All Fors: All for Justice, All for Fear, All for Pride. Special moments: Olivia's fear of blood during All for Justice and Olivia's semi-valley girl reading of "Why did you bring the daggers from the place" in All for Pride. Finally, we went through the scene with Nick reading his lines as though he were telling a joke. Everyone should ask Nick to tell them jokes, because he evidently knows a lot of them.

After that scene, we focused briefly on Act III Scene II and then rehearsed Act I Scene V in the space. We are trying to guess what Lady Macbeth's first name is, so feel free to suggest any ideas. So far the leading candidates are Ramona (to which I am adamently opposed) and Charlotte (hence the line "my dearest chuck").

I have more good news, which is that we now have an assistant stage manager! Her name is Kathryn Linder, and she will be coming to part of tomorrow's rehearsal so that you can all meet her if you don't know her already. So everyone can be happy about that, 'cause it's pretty awesome. I've also attached a contact sheet for everyone in the cast and production staff in case you ever need anyone's email or phone number. Enjoy! And I'll see you tomorrow in List 110.


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