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April 6th, 2009

Dear Everyone,

Great job on the fight choreography today. Hopefully we will have the fight blocking finalized soon so we can start practicticing. Tomorrow's rehearsal will be in List 110 at 8:30 for a struggle-through. Try to come warmed-up; feel free to come a little early if that will be necessary. Kathryn, is there a time between 12 and 2 that we can meet so I can give you the annotated script, since I won't be there for rehearsal tomorrow? I have copies of the script for you too.

Also, if everyone could post their character bios on the blog, that would be great. Remember to be trying to get off book as much as possible in the next few days. Everyone needs to be completely off book by Friday. We've made some changes to the script, which mostly invovled cutting a lot of lines so that the run time will be shorter. I'm going to list the changes here, but in case they're confusing Arik and Kathryn will have copies of the script tomorrow so you can see what they mean.

The Changes are:

* pp. 3-4: From First Witch "'Give me,' quoth I" to First Witch "Wreck'd as homeward he did come"
* p. 4: Banquo--"How far is't call'd to Forres?"
* p. 6: Lady MacDuff--"and when he reads...Which should be thine or his"
* p. 8: Duncan--"The sin of my ingratitude...only I have left to say"
* p. 9: Duncan--"My worthy Cawdor";
* p. 9: Dunan--"True, worthy Banquo...peerless kinsman"
* p. 12: Duncan--"See, see, our honor'd hostess...We are your guest to-night"
* p. 12: Macbeth--"if the assassination...surcease success"; "But here, upon this to come"; "He's here in double trust;...not bear the knife myself"
* p. 13: Lady Macbeth--"Wouldst thou have i' the adage?"; "Nor time nor place...Does unmake you."
* p. 14: Lady Macbeth--"Whereto the rather...soundly invite him"
* p. 16: Macbeth--"which way they walk...too cold breath gives"
* pp. 24-25: So, here's where it gets a little messy. Malcolm's lines just before the start of Scene IV ("What will I do?...there's no mercy left") are cut, as well as the entirety of Scene IV. Instead, Harry will add the lines "Malcolm, the king's son, is stol'n away and fled;/Which puts upon him suspicion of the deed." to the beggining of his opening lines in Act III Scene I. (Note: change in stage directions too--Fleance will enter just after Banquo says "And set me up in hope?")
* p. 28: Banquo--"Give us a light, there, ho!"
* p. 29: Macbeth--"See, they encounter thee...The table round"
* p. 31: Lady Macbeth--"O, these flaws and starts...Shame itself!"
* p. 31: Macbeth--"If charnel-houses...maws of kites"

That's all we have so far. Please take note of the changes, even if they are not your own lines. If you're going to cross them out, it might be wise to use pencil, just in case.


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