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The first child, the first witch

The three sisters are the most powerful force in this kingdom. Where does our strength lie? In our elusive existence. Can you spot us? I bet you can’t. Go ahead. Try to find us. We’re your neighbors, your lovers, your family members. If you want to avoid us, I’ll let you know how… If you want to escape us, I’ll let you know how…
You can’t.
You cannot simply understand the way you cannot identify our presence—
We are not just three. We are much more than you can see.

My sisters and I, together, we are the strongest unit of power known to man. But apart, only I can sustain some of our power. I am the first daughter, the first sister, the first witch. I taught my sisters what they know—this craft of manipulation and trickery, this art of wielding sexuality to play with these humans as the pawns they are—these are all the products of my own tests. I was the first to experience, and we have now perfected it. We now defy age, claiming the art of transcending time, but in my youth, I first discovered the ability to strike at the greatest weakness of man: sex. Men are so funny. They claim the weakness of women, yet under the heat of our sexual allure, they cannot last a minute. Women are so na├»ve—we must teach them a lesson, and then bring them to our side. In seeking power, they want to lose their sex, but this only drives them to insanity. This is what separates a woman and a witch. In seeking power, we claim and then we own. Why would you try to rid yourself of your greatest strength? Foolish. My first success in wielding my sexuality is also what led me to discover that not only do we stand above man, we stand above time. When I found the childish delight after that first seduction and destruction, I knew I would be the one to show my sisters. Together, we would control all these thoughtless human.
This is why I shall be the one with the right to kill, and I will. And once my sisters and I finish playing with Macbeth, we will move on to the main course… I will be Malcolm…King. Once again, I sacrifice myself to ensure the strengthening of this sisterhood. When I have the crown, we will have so much more fun. The humans do not know what is in store.

1 comment:

  1. This gave me shivers...It's cool to think of what the ages of the different witches would mean...
    BUT is it bashing-Lady-Macbeth day? Or I suppose you could say it is everyday. You say I'm foolish, Banquo calls me a bitch, Lady Macduff made it clear that I'm a deceitful backstabbing murderous wench, Macbeth described me as the traditional vampiresque female that the Victorians feared with the enormous sexual appetite, and Duncan insinuated that I'm a bastard (in the literal sense). Oh Porter? It's your turn.