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April 14th, 2009

Dear All,

Thanks for a great rehearsal today, and for making great use of the dumpster. I'm going to call Facilities Management in the morning to see about gettinga half-size dumpster for the space.

As far as scene work goes, here are the notes I have:

· Run through Thursday starts at 9, but rehearsal starts at 6:30 (no scripts, but can call for line)

· On Saturday, can’t call for line

· 1-1

o Sequenced hair toss—move whole body, on “hover”

o Tag at beginning à Schmaux

o Jen shouldn’t be able to catch anyone

· 1-2

o If have dumpster, Mat should pop head out

o Yay for revealing!

o Mat has good stride

o All witches gather for revealing

o Quyen pulls off è all giggle

o Jen kisses

o “that’s weird”-Mat

o Put in bush

· 1-3

o Macbeth and Banquo come in from behind stage, say lines there

o Woah! Killing swine chunk is cut!

· 2-2

o All will be Olivia

o Cut Nick’s “Who’s there? What ho!” p. 16

o Nick’s lines = one giant monologue

o In come the witches à Shmoo1 Version 2.0 (expanded to other areas of the body, yelp replaces laughter)

o When Nick enters, all say “My husband” and act like Olivia à Nick confused

o Use as many strategies as you can

o Think of expand-contract

o Nick hears everything

o Witches can do ANYTHING—don’t have to make sense, just distract him

o Can’t stay in same place for more than three seconds

o When notice daggers, witches disappear?

o Witches hold position, Nick goes to one who says lines (can’t actually hear anything Lady Macbeth says)

o Can’t hear Olivia, but can hear Lady Macbeth

o Witches can torture-play with Macbeth

o “Oh! Hung drawn and quartered!”—Emma

o Can say witch lines, but use lines from text

o Jen is here!

o Macbeth—run!

o Mat is now Officer Pat

o Macbeth take time to interact with witches

o Pay attention to who is speaking

o Knocking = laughing

o Really awesome dumpster noise


o No place for bloody making out

Let me know if any of these notes are unclear. I don't have anything from after I had to leave, so you'll have to ask Arik for that. Remember that tomorrow we will be in the space from 7 to 11 working Acts 4 and 5.



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