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April 12th, 2009

Hey Everybody,

GREAT JOB today in the space, despite the weather…one day closer to a fabulous performance of The Scottish Play!

Thanks again to Arik for the Amazing Meal!

Note any missed lines below or those you personally have issues with…
Rehearsal April 12
• Warmup
• Pg. 3 Quyen cut out lines right after scene II
• Quyen: remember, “became him like the leaving it”
• Duncan: pg. 9 “My worthy Cawdor” is cut!
• Lady Macbeth pg. 10 “That I may pour my spirits in my ear,” remember, “doth seem to have me crown’d withal”
• Pg. 13 Macbeth, “Hath he ask’d for me?” and Lady Macbeth, “Know you not he has?” lines have been cut
• Pg. 15 Banquo, “…Merciful powers…” & “Thanks, sir: the like to you!”
• Pg. 16 Macbeth, “…I see thee yet…” aside from what is not already off book
• Pg. 18 Macbeth, remember, “…The death of each day’s life…”
• Pg. 19 Porter, Scene III, review beginning
• Pg. 22 Lady Macbeth, …”Speak, speak…”
• Pg. 27 Macbeth, “Surrah…safely thus” cut
• Pg. 30 Macbeth should be on stage left stairs

Arik’s Notes:
• Witches: stay on stage, except Mathew & Quyen
• Jen, after blood sergeant, move to little woody place
• We’ll need to find stuff for the witches to do in their little home (little girl activities, i.e. chalk, witch voodoo, crossing people off the wall w/ chalk when they die; Mathew’s execution toys, Duncan likes to play hangman!)
• After Mathew’s reveal, go to bush
• Harry and nick, “…faraday…” see the witches
• Act 1 scene 3…witches play with your hair (with or without witch voices)
• Harry go upstage for I pray to have a word with you
• Nick staying in down right corner (for some lines) think one continuous thought
• Mathew and Quyen, mother and daughter witches interaction
• Olivia, your letter can be cut and the little thing thereafter
• Mathew & Jen w/ leg push thing…that will happen…
• Pg. 9 Act I, scene V Quyen linger and then reside to push
• Act I, Scene VII, stuff should be further upstage if stuff is moved downstage…we’ll figure it out
• Act II, Scene I…Harry and Fleance walking in on M&M making out
• The dagger speech, we’ll add some witches
• Act II, Scene II…there will be a lot of Lady Macbeths…and then vanishing into their little spots

Note: No rehearsal on Friday of Spring Weekend; Sunday’s rehearsal moved to possibly
There is also the possibility of a Midnight performance, Saturday 12 am?

Call time: 2-hour (depending on how much sword fighting you’re doing, etc.)
Rehearsal tomorrow:
When: April 13, 2009 @ 6-10 pm
Where: Crystal Room: near staircase of Alumni hall
6-6:30: warmups BE ON TIME!
6:30-8: banquet scene, coronation murder scene
8-9: call for Mathew!
8-10: witches will be present all 3 girls

Once again, great work and see you tomorrow!


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