Performs April 23rd - 26th
Thursday and Friday at 8pm
Saturdy and Sunday at 5pm
Back doors of PW

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Yikes... 100 degree fever.


  1. NOOOOOOO! Feel better!
    Olivia's get-better-sometimes-really-obvious-and-sometimes-kinda-weird cures that sometimes work:
    -eat wasabi (I'm convinced this works- but partly because it raises your body temperature and kills germs, and it seems you're already at that stage.)
    -sleep (but shhhh, not many people know this one)
    -tea (the universal antidote)
    -sniff lavender
    -don't spend too much time in water
    -keep your window open (but keep warm)
    -don't stare at screens
    -write a story in your head to pass the time

  2. I hopealope this heals quick.

  3. feel better! if you ever want tea, i have lots!