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April 10th, 2009

Hi Everybody,

Well I didn't take much in the way of notes today (on account that I assume you're all expert sword fighters after all)...Today we can all agree went extremely well (sword technique, being off book and all.) So great work! Remember, there is the possibility of a lunch sunday prior to rehearsal...I'm sure you can't wait for that!

rehearsal April 10

• Like Kevin said, this is really coming along…now we just need to make it realistic
• Taking big steps help!
• The key is to sell the action!
• Bring up the noise! (Kevin—“Wouldn’t it be strange to kill her in silence?”)
• Go fully through with death (Harry, don’t plant, plant and cut!)
• Pg. 63: pull w/ your words (Quyen & Jen)…and drag it out until you can no further…it’s a team effort (together on a sole breath, almost in pure exhaustion, a running out of air cohesion and out of this came something)
• Pg. 64 Emma help with Jen to pull Quyen out of the apparition
• Pg. 64 all witches breathe together
• Pg. 84 Quyen, Emma & Jen—observe and play with Lady Macbeth (as Jen touches her Lady Macbeth bears an orgasm, with Quyen an antithesis with insanity, torment)…Lady Macbeth you become dependent on your drug, the witches' actions

See you on Sunday,

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