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Charlotte Abernathy Macbeth (from her own slightly disturbed point of view)

(I suppose I'll post mine, too. DISCLAIMER: I kept realising how twisted I'm imagining this character. I have not twisted her so far that I can no longer empathize or sympathize with her, but still...and now, thanks to Mat, it seems like she's given sexual favours to her uncle...ew. And Emma, I love you. Lady Macbeth just doesn't want to get along with Lady Macduff)

-I am currently 27 years old and have been married for 9 years. My marriage was arranged between my father and my husband's father when we were children, so we grew up knowing we would one day wed and I was apathetic concerning the fact.
-My mother died in childbirth with me. I have no siblings and I was my father's little princess until his death five years ago. We attended his funeral. It was the last time I cried, but I didn't let anyone see. In my hysteria, I called to the sky and begged the powers that be that I wouldn't have to feel that kind of pain again. It was then that I realised the existence of those "spirits that tend on mortal thoughts". They helped remove my heart then. Now I want them to remove my vagina (Thank you, Carolyn).
-About 9 or 10 months after our wedding, we had a child. it was a son. Now it is "it" and I only talk about "it" when I want to cause pain or demand pity. It died 6 months after it entered the world. It was named Charles Arthur Macbeth, partly after my father, Charles "Steve" Abernathy. My father never saw the baby, and my husband was only able to see it for the last two months of its life, because he was at war. I was convinced that he brought back the disease from the war that filled the lungs of our baby with blood and bile. I didn't feel any emotion for the thing. It was too small and pathetic in its tiny coffin. It was a small funeral- only a few from our house and of course the worthless doctor.
-My father was the kind of person who spoke to people in whispers and ordered people he didn't like to be taken down to the cellars...I never knew what went on down there, and the only time he ever hit me was when he caught me sneaking down there, trying to look. He disliked my husband, finding him a tad soft, but he had too much respect for the elder Macbeth to speak against our marriage. It is my proud thought that perhaps he would have considered everyone "too soft" for me.
-I am an excellent hostess. I don't have "friends", only people I "befriend", you understand- I have many acquaintances that I invite over for tea and that I smile at and laught with and who tell me everything. I throw the best parties, everyone says. And I make sure that I have no enemies. Except, perhaps, my husband. Enemies make things messy. I believe that servants should be almost invisible when guests are around, and so I ignore them in company, but I am not against disciplining them when guests are gone. I am also an excellent housekeeper.
-My husband hit me for the first time about a month after the baby died. It shocked me at first, but then I started laughing. I had been bothering him about how he should be a man and stand up to some of the neighbouring peasants who were poaching in Birnham Wood, and then his hand flew at me---It was exaclty the pure manly force that I wanted to see from him. He mostly only gets violent with me when he hasn't been to war for a while and is getting restless. And most of the time we have what you would call ANGRY SEX. When he's home, we have a healthy sex life. Apart from it being angry (but that's healthy...right?). I haven't been pregant in 8 years. I don't think I want another child. I haven't told him this.
-I hit him whenever I'm irritated with him- whenever I think he's being an imbecile. I hate it when he just stands there and takes it- it just seems so weak.
-Poor Banquo lost his wife a couple years ago. I pitied him and his son Fleance. I wanted to help him out, to relieve some of his I went to his chambers while my husband was meeting with Duncan to talk about military tactics after the funeral(Banquo was exempt due to his loss)...but Banquo's too much like a little brother to me, and he was too full of grief...and so nothing happened. And it was awkward.
-With Duncan I got a little farther. His wife died about 15 years ago and his children are all grown, so he needs some companionship. I was able to offer him female companionship in return for a favour- when cawdor was found to be a traitor, there were a few in line for the title. I made sure my husband got the advancement. Due to Duncan's age, he had a bit of trouble...but I was as much of a comfort to him as possible.
-My parents-in-law love me. Like I said, I make sure everyone does.
-Lady Macduff pisses me off. She's too religious and she has too many children. It seems like each time I see her, she mentions how it was God's will that my baby die and that with enough faith I'll have another. I wish she'd go shut up and die. But I make sure she doesn't know that I think that.

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